SkeptiCal 2019 Speakers

For our 10th anniversary, SkeptiCal is inviting those who are skeptical of science and critical thinking.



Ken Hamb

Proof of Humans and Dinosaurs Living Together from New Mexico

Mr. Hamb will present startling fossil evidence from New Mexico of humans and dinosaurs living together. The little-known “Onyate Man” consists of an Allosaurus holding the partial body of an Australopithecus in its jaws, proving the coexistence of humans and dinosaurs. This fossil has been hidden from the public since excavated by the New Mexico State Resources Paleo Division, but now it will be revealed to be the death-knell of evolution

Ken Hamb is an Australian by birth, a former school teacher by trade, and currently a creation science entrepreneur. The founder of the American creationist ministry Answers in Genesis, he is the party responsible for both the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter, the latter of which is known more informally by alliteration enthusiasts as the Ark Park


Alex Jokes

Beacon in a Fact-Free Fog

We live in a post-fact world, and we’re much better off for that. Is the earth round? WRONG! Are you reading a web page right now? WRONG! Does Jean-Paul Sartre adequately capture the ennui of existence? PERHAPS! My opinions are much more important than facts, but you already knew that. I’ll be giving lots of opinions to you - like my opinions on Pizza Gate, Hillary Clinton, Lizard People, 9-11, Hillary Clinton, and gay frogs. And someone needs to remind me to pick up beer on the way home from the conference. Can someone do that? Is this thing still recording?

Alex Jokes is is an American radio show host and a walking opinion. Jokes runs a website Infowarts, devoted to conspiracy theories and fake news,.


James Van Prawn

Your Dead Relative, Who’s Name Starts with an “M”, Says “I Love You”

Many people talk to the dead, but the dead talks back to me. All the time. They just don’t shut up, and they love to make broad, vague statements that apply to anyone. Your dead relative wants me to tell you that you need to come to my seminar. Unless you don’t really love that relative, in which case it’s a different relative. This one starts with an “S”, not an “M”.

James Van Prawn is a clairvoyant and spiritual medium. He has written numerous books and consulted on several television series, giving the dead a voice that makes much less sense than when they were alive.


Deepork Chopra

Quantum Quanta Quantifying Love

Understanding quantum theory without love is exactly like understanding why Infinity alleviates innumerable creativity. It makes no sense. So why do physicists insist on leaving love out of all of their equations? Simply put, they have no way of quantifying it in their science. The secret of the universe heals essential photons and Imagination projects onto cosmic chaos. While existence is entangled in an abundance of love, transcendence comprehends a symphony of fulfillment. And we’ll talk about my new book, which you should buy.

Deepork Chopra is the author of 42,000 books and a prominent figure in the New Age Movement. He understand way more than you. Trust him. And buy his new book.


Stanton Freeman

Aliens Told Me that I’m Not Nuts (And Other Things the Government Doesn’t Want You To Know)


Stanton Freeman is a retired nuclear physicist and professional ufologist who resides in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. He is the original civilian investigator of the Roswell incident and has been about government-silenced alien secrets for more than 50 years.


John Glenn Voliva

Toward a Compromise on the Shape of the Earth

The shape of the Earth has been a bone of contention for too long, with bigotry and prejudice blinding both sides to the true solution: the Earth is a hemisphere. The northern portion of the planet -- mistakenly called the North Hemisphere -- is a flat disk, centered on the North Pole and bounded by the equator at its rim. The southern portion of the planet is a true hemisphere, bounded by the equator around its top and by the South Pole at its bottom. This compromise obviously solves the empirical and conceptual problems afflicting round-earthery and flat-earthery alike. Supporters of the compromise include the eminent Harvard biologist E. O. Wilson (see his Half-Earth, 2016).

John Glenn Voliva is a direct descendant both of John Glenn, the first American to orbit the Earth, and of Glenn Voliva, who as ruler of Zion, Illinois, in the 1920s ensured that the town's schoolchildren were taught that the Earth is flat. As such, he is in a perfect position to offer a compromise on the shape of the Earth.

Mercedes McSchmitz


Mercedes McSchmitz

Astrological Marketing to the 1%

Everyone knows about the Astrological Houses, but until Ms. McSchmitz conceived of combining her previous real estate background with her new-found astrology career, no one had conceived of using astrology as a marketing tool to encourage members of the 1% to purchase even more houses. Yes, the 12 Astrological Houses are an excellent prod to the ridiculously-wealthy to over-consume: the ultimate status symbol soon will become possessing a dwelling reflecting each of the 12 Astrological houses. Your first purchase will be in House 1 and will reflect “Self”, whatever that means. The second purchase is a natural, as the 2nd Astrological House is “Possessions”. The third house will have a resident clairvoyant medium to reflect the 3rd Astrological House of “Communications”. The Fourth Astrological House, “Home”, may even be lived in from time to time. Each client will purchase 12 houses in this manner, reflecting the 12 Astrological Houses, ending up with the logical 12th House: Self-Undoing.

Mercedes McSchmitz is the pen name of an astrologer who years ago gave up astrology because her horoscope told her not to be so gullible. She then turned to real estate sales, realizing that she had not been the only gullible astrology column reader. Her current business venture, “A House Can Be A Home – or 12” allows her to combine her two enthusiasms: real estate and joining the 1%.


Virgil Nakatoshi

The Cryptocurrency and Cryptobiology Conspiracy

 There are unrecognized links between cryptocurrency and cryptobiology: both of them begin with “crypto”, Greek for “hidden”, or “secret”, and both of them are mysterious. Only a tiny percentage of Americans have seen Bigfoot, a chupacabra, or Champy (the Lake Champlain monster), and only a tiny percentage of Americans have any clue what cryptocurrency means or how it is used. The hidden nature of the two crypto phenomena reflects a governmental conspiracy to keep the public in the dark about hidden animals and secret money. The cryptocurrency and cryptobiology conspiracy is a natural outgrowth of government efforts to cover up the Roswell alien autopsy, hide the cure for cancer, and prevent the public from recognizing 9/11 as an inside job (although it may have been the Israelis), and many other examples of governmental overreach.

 Virgil Nakatoshi is a cryptobiologist who has studied Bigfoot, Yeti, Mokele-mbembe, and other cryptids. He has pioneered the use of a block and tackle device to lift large cryptids, should he ever encounter one. His patented machine involves the use of chains with familiar block and tackle pulleys, which has prompted him to describe his device as a block chain.