About SkeptiCal

What is SkeptiCal?

SkeptiCal is a one-day conference for curious, science-loving people to learn about science and critical thinking in an informal setting, at an affordable cost.

Who Sponsors SkeptiCal?

The sponsoring organizations are the Bay Area Skeptics (BAS) and the Sacramento Area Skeptics (SAS). These are nonprofit organizations composed of scientists and non-scientists who are interested in science, critical thinking, and the public understanding of science. We are part of a national “skeptical” movement begun in the 1970s and 1980s by Carl Sagan and other scientists who were concerned about the public embrace of various pseudosciences.

BAS and SAS remain focused on what Sagan called “extraordinary claims” (which require “extraordinary evidence,” as his adage reminds us) but we also seek to improve the general public understanding of science and critical thinking. Scientific skepticism is independent of other movements which sometime also claim the term “skeptic.” Scientific skepticism can be embraced by all, whether religious or non-religious, trained in science or new to the scientific method, or anyone interested in better understanding truth and reality.

Find out more about BAS at http://www.baskeptics.org/ and about SAS at https://www.meetup.com/sacskeptics/

Why Should I Go To SkeptiCal?

SkeptiCal is a great opportunity to hear accomplished and entertaining scientists and critical thinkers speak about fascinating topics in an informal setting. To keep costs down, we use local speakers. Fortunately, living in northern California offers us wonderful choices for articulate scientists and other speakers. In the past, we have hosted scientists from UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz, several California State Universities, Stanford, NASA, Lawrence Livermore Laboratories, and many other notable institutions. We have covered a range of topics including GMOs, science denialism, climate change, science literacy, evolution, medical pseudoscience, extraterrestrials and astronomy.
There is something for everyone at SkeptiCal!

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Please email us at info@SkeptiCalCon.com if you have questions or issues.
We hope to see you at the conference!